Cisco Webex Share

Introducing the Webex Share

The Cisco Webex Share is a pocket-sized device that allows you to effortlessly share content to a screen without the need for cables or dongles. Transform your spaces into modern hubs for collaboration.

The Webex Share

With the Webex Share you can instantly present your content with just one click from your Webex Meetings or Webex Teams app.

Hold ultra smooth virtual meetings over 1080p and 60fps video.

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Webex Share Features

  • Easy To Use

    The Webex Share is designed to be simple and accessible. The device will automatically recognise who is in the room and invite them to start using it.

  • Wireless Sharing

    Share content directly from your phone or laptop wirelessly through Webex Teams.

  • Ultra-Smooth Video

    Video can run at 1080p and 60 frames per second, resulting in an extremely smooth meeting experience.

  • Power Saving

    The Webex Share can save electricity by turning the screen on or off depending if someone is using the room.

  • Security Focus

    As with any Cisco device, security is a priority. All information handled by the Webex Share is completely protected.

  • Insightful Analytics

    IT organisations love the Webex Share because of its easy setup, single-pane-of-glass management, and detailed analytics.

Buying your Webex Share from us

Within one working day of you placing your order, we will start the process of getting your brand new Webex Share to you. You will likely receive it within 14 days.

This website is a subsidiary of Tesrex, a Cisco Premier Partner focused on customer service with great expertise regarding Cisco Collaboration products.

We are here to help! If you have any questions before you purchase your Webex share, then please send us an email at or call us at 01923 77 69 48. 


What do I plug the Webex Share into?

The Webex Share plugs directly into a television's HDMI port. 

There is no need to plug the Webex Share into your laptop or smartphone as it will connect wirelessly through Webex Teams or Webex Meetings.

How big is the Webex Share?

Physical dimensions (HxWxD): 7.2 inches x 2.7 inches x 0.5 inches (183 mm x 69 mm x 13 mm)

Weight: 62 grams

How is the Webex Share powered?

The Webex Share can be deployed in 3 different ways:

Power over Ethernet - The adapter sits in between the wall PoE port and Webex Share. It is connected to a PoE port via an RJ45 cable and to Webex Share via a USB-C cable.

WiFi - An 18-Watt wall-power adapter connects to Webex Share through a USB-C cable.

Ethernet – An 18-Watt wall power adapter, which includes an Ethernet board, provides wired connectivity. It plugs into the wall outlet and is connected via an RJ45 cable to the wall Ethernet port, and via a USB-C cable to Webex Share.

How do I connect to the Webex Share?

You connect to the Webex Share wirelessly through the Webex Teams or Webex Meetings app on your smartphone or laptop. 

When you enter a room where the Webex Share is located, it will automatically detect your presence and invite you to take control of it.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to the UK and countries within the European Union.

How does the Webex Share control the television?

The Webex Share supports Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which wakes up or shuts down the TV based on a user’s physical presence. This is determined by proximity pairing or Voice Activity Detection (VAD).